It appears that in Babette von Dohnanyi two souls exist: one in her intrinsic “direct” relationship with the materials she moulds, materials which though treated with extreme gentleness are transformed into strong block ashlar shapes like ancient stones (her bracelets and rings) or created according to a subtle restless geometry (her brooches) passed on to her by the school of Babetto where she studied in Salzburg;
the other a soul that declines her “feminine” jewellery art, with references to archaic mytology and anthropology, traditionally connected to a woman’s life, to the everyday world, and embodied in a naturalness and softness. To this soul her necklaces in gold and traslucent silver belong, crocheted, lace-like and luminous, works, which in their rhytmic movement, let light filter through the perforations of the boules, braid-sculptures, charged with a delicate tension.
Lara Vinca Masini – Firenze October 2001

To design jewelery means

a never ending fascination.

To find new forms for the combination of color and material, to invent at the same time elegant and yet provocative solutions, is the great challenge in this process. To achieve an optimal technical solution for this aesthetic aim in each individual piece I consider therefore as the core of my work.
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